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Steam Generator Articles

Taking A Shine To Solar

THE Hunter's Liddell power station has become the first coal-fired electricity generator in the world to integrate solar technology into its operations.

It's The Ultimate Hottie

Steam from deep underground could provide the nation's power for the next 500 years, writes Rick Feneley.

Dave's Stacking Up Gas Plan

AN 88-year-old Kiama man believes he may have come up with an idea that could help solve Australia's climate change dilemma.

If Oil Hits The Ton, Consumers May Be Less Inclined To Do So

DIFFERENCE OF OPINION 9.25pm, ABC: A Goldman Sachs analyst in London has predicted the price for a barrel of oil will hit $US100 next year. Surely this doesn't indicate that the dreaded peak oil scenario has become a reality? As fossil fuels dwindle the price is bound to rise more

The Heart Of A Doomed Community Will Beat Again

The sawmill in Swifts Creek is hidden from the main road by a row of plane trees and neat weatherboard houses. It is little more than a huge shed, just sturdy enough to keep the rain off an old dust-covered steam generator. For Steve Richardson and his father more